A new Exploit on Google’s Sub domain of Google group of Israel was found By Mauritania Attacker, leader of Team AnonGhost today. the exploit found is Cache Query Load Injection on Google Israel.

This exploit enables hackers to inject quotes in google.co.il which is indexed by the search engine. and may be encountered in search results some time. 

He also said that, if the domain would have json enabled Hackers could, might deface Google then, and sometime the logo appears, as shown in the screenshot below.

the exploit was found here: https://groups.google.co.il/groups?hl=iw&q=FuCk-Israhell-ANONGHOST-Was-Here%2F

Mirror: https://www.aljyyosh.org/mirror.php?id=72659

At the time of writing the Article the exploit was still Persesting, and visible.

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