Famous Hacker group RedHack hacked OPET, a Popular fuel company of turkey and leaked the database.

OPET (https://www.opet.com.tr/) is a highly reputated fuel-oil sector company in turkey.

The leak was Announced on twitter by one of the member of RedHack going with the twitter handle @RedHack_ETC 

Full RedHack 😉 Site:https://t.co/UGWOmxmFfP?ifreler:https://t.co/1TuQYfe1zG Teker Teker girin 🙂 #sonbahaRTEmizli?i pic.twitter.com/PAjNo9M1xU
— RedHack ETC ? (@RedHack_ETC) August 24, 2013

The leaked data was uploaded on google docs, and can be downloaded from here  the data contains, login credentials, email, username, password, contact details like mobile number address, etc of the users.

Few days ago RedHack hacked Meterpolitan, water and sewerage Administration system of Turkey

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