Friday 13th, Mumbai: Leading industrialist and business tycoon Anil Ambani’s e-filling of Income tax returns Account was hacked by a 21 year old Chartered Account.

The 21 year old Young women Hacked into Anil’s account with an intention to know his income & tax amount paid over period of time. police said on Friday.

After hacking the Account, she accessed the details of his Income, tax amount paid, PAN card number. she even changed the password twice of the e-Account on Income tax website, one of the Official said.

According to police, the Investigation was set from Mid July, this year. when the Chartered Accountant firm, which looks after Anil’s tax details was intimated from Income tax department, that as per the request, the Account details have been changed. and again on July 12 the firm received one more email for the password change again.

As soon as the second mail was received, The Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, representative complained to Cyber crime department Mumbai, a case was set on September 7 and with Initial Investigation The girl confessed to hack into Anil’s account.

Police official said, The server has been seized for now and the girl will have to soon face the Arrest, since they have technical and physical evidence to prove the Cyber Crime.


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