What is Keylogger, How it works & how to be safe from Keyloggers

Few days back, i wrote a Article about how to hack Facebook Account, top 5 ways, i did mentioned one of the effective method by using Keyloggers. well keyloggers are not only meant for Hacking Facebook, but have lots of other works too.

What are keyloggers:
Keylogger is a tiny hardware device or a software program that records real time Activity of a computer including keystrokes, Clicking module and in some cases stores the screen Activity of your desktop.

Types of Keyloggers:
Most sources defines keyloggers as software programs, it is not necessary for keyloggers to be software every time, it can be hardware devices some times.
Primarily Keyloggers can be divided into two types,

1. Software keyloggers
2. Hardware keyloggers

Keyloggers, How it works:
Once a keylogger is installed into the system. it starts sending Information such as keystroke, Activities details of clicks made, And some time ip details & Screenshots of Desktop of the Victim.
Most of the time it is not easy to trace a keylogger running in the background, but it can be checked in the task manager.

Are Keyloggers Harmful, what are its uses:
Most of the people thinks keyoggers are only meant for hacking. well it’s not completely true. and yes it is harmful if used for wrong Activities. Most of the software keyloggers are  detected as harmful malware as trojan by Antivirus programs.
Keyloggers can be used to remotely spy over a computer or network, without being noticed. and is oftenly used by Cyber crimnals to hack Email, Bank Account and Social Network accounts.
In addition to these keyloggers are used fro various other purposes. Including in Company security, to check what employs do in their office, and to record, analyze & track the Incidents linked to a computer or network. Keyloggers are also used sometimes for Parental control, and Industries to keep a look over the targeted system so that it could be controlled remotely.

How to get Keyloggers, where to download & how to use it: 
There are lots of legitimate Keylogger programs available to download free of cost, and some are Available for small Amount of money with additional Features.
Most of the modern keyloggers available are free to download, and can be downloaded from various software providing websites.
After downloading or buying the license of a typical Keylogger program, it is to easy to use it, most of keyloggers are made to generate installation module which is then send to the victim via email, or any other source. since most of the times, Antivirus Programs detect it as trojan and removes it, it is better to compress it into zipped file. as soon as the Module is run by the victim, the program starts working in the background without being noticed.
Attacker can then spy over the victim by logging into the account created by him on the server of the software or sometimes is being noticed directly into his mail.

How to Remove keylogger:
If you are already being a victim by someone who is spying you through keylogger program, and you don’t know how to remove it. then you need to run task manager and check for unwanted program
which are running in the background. If you still don’t know how to do it. there are many softwares available online to remove keyloggers.

Its better to keep your Antivirus program updated, as most of the Keylogger are automatically detected and removed. In addition to these users should be more careful with compressed (zipped, rar files) from untrusted source. and while using Online banking don’t forget to switch to Virtual Keyboard.

Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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