One of the most advanced countries in cyber space had been brought to its knees by the hackers owning allegiance to Iran Militia, Hamas and Hezobollah.   This was accepted by Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz of Israel.  It is to be noted that exactly one month earlier the hackers took down the main highway in northern city of Haifa.  It is noted that the entire highway was brought to a standstill by the hackers.

Taking down a whole highway is not easy and needs very sophisticated resources.   But the hackers know their business as was proved when they knocked key operations out of commission two days in a row and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.  

The hacking of this kind is often considered as the realm of sci-fi movies and non achievable in real world.   Considering the fact that Israel has one of the most advanced cyber security mechanisms in place, the hackers have targeted a very high security target.  This means that in this world where everything is controlled now a days by computers, even you basic sanitation is not guaranteed to hack proof.  

Israeli military and cyber security personnel have acceded defeat has the hands of hackers.  They have also accepted a very little known fact that the Israeli government websites suffer thousands of cyberattacks each day.  Ofir Ben Avi, head of the government’s website division confirmed this news.  Another state utility firm The Israel Electric Corp. has also confirmed that its servers register about 6,000 unique computer attacks every second.  That is huge!

Last June,  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had named the Iran militia, Hezbollah and Hamas for targeting the essential systems in Israel like water facilities, banks, signalling system on railways and highways etc.    The future look very very threatening in event of attacks of these kind hitting the common folk.  Looks like the TERMINATOR is going to come to life after all.


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