Pakistani hacker going with the handle ‘rOOX ‘, A member of ‘TeaM MADLEETS’ hacked and defaced “”, Official website of Seychelles Islands Domain Registrar., Administers the technical registry function and also acts as a local registrar for .SC domain names in Seychelles and provides Domains to Governmental ministries, non-profit organisations, NGOs and educational institutions in Seychelles are all entitled to free domain name registration under the and sub second level domain names. 
The hacked website was left defaced, with a short message stating the hack as ‘Just a Security reminder’
we checked the website and found that only the main page of the site was defaced, all other pages were working fine.
Hacked website and Mirror:
Hacker said that he used a private 0 day exploit in the server to hack the website.
At the time of writing the Article, the website is still showing the deface page.


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