Redhack is back with vengeance and today.  If you remember the RedHack targetted several high profile websites of Turkish Government in the past months. Last month Redhack used or exploited the cross scripting (XSS) vulnerability to access and post a message to the Turkish Government on the Turkish Parliament’s website >  Today they expanded their attack to other Turkish Government sites viz the Railways and the Turkish Contractor Association.

Redhack targets Turkish Government again, hack Turkish Parliament, Turkish Railways and Turkish Contractor Association

Today breached the Turkish Railways website, TCDD and leaked several files they claim to have stolen from the website. The files are available here.  They also hacked the Turkish Contractors Association website and leaked several hundred usernames and passwords of member contractors listed there.

RedHack said they have also managed to infiltrate the email systems of the AKP Izmir headquarters. RedHack then published the emails that they say represent acts of corruption by the AKP and Turkish Government.  The Twitter message posted in regard to this hacking is given below

E-Mail of ruling AKP ?zmir headquaters infiltrated- More corruptions
— RedHack_EN (@RedHack_EN) January 10, 2014


RedHack has warned that it is working on several more hacks and they will publish details of the hacked website soon


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