If you can remember this year’s series of hacking Attack on Microsoft by Syrian Electronic Army, you must be knowing that SEA tweeted they are not yet finished with Microsoft.

We didn’t finish our attack on @Microsoft yet, stay tuned for more! #SEA
— SyrianElectronicArmy (@Official_SEA16) January 15, 2014

Just Now SEA hacked Microsoft Office blog, Proving they keep their words and they do what they say.
The (https://blogs.office.com/) blog was hacked and 2 Articles were posted, Stating “Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army”

Screenshot captured from the home page

Screenshot captured from the Article posted by SEA

Two other tweets from Official Syrian Electronic Army account confirmed that they were able to access the wordpress admin panel, and one older Control Panel, which was replaced by new one which helped them post the Articles.

Screenshot of the WordPress panel of the Official Office Blogs. #SEA pic.twitter.com/tmtrDEiHce
— SyrianElectronicArmy (@Official_SEA16) January 20, 2014

Screenshot of the old administration panel of the Official Office Blogs. #SEA pic.twitter.com/Q7NSDjbSfA
— SyrianElectronicArmy (@Official_SEA16) January 20, 2014

If you do not know, earlier this year SEA started their hacking Operation on Microsoft with hacking Twitter and Blog Account of Skype accompanied by Microsoft Xbox Twitter and Instagram account hack then Microsoft news and twitter account hack and last one microsoft blog hack and then they gave a open challenge to Microsoft in a tweet that they haven’t finish with Microsoft.

The last tweet from SEA stated, “Dear @Microsoft, Changing the CMS will not help you if your employees are hacked and they don’t know about that. #SEA”

The tweet also gives a clear proof that SEA still have access to emails of employs. and with the security measures what Microsoft is taking as of now it looks like Microsoft have no alternative left other than being hacked again and again.
we are already in Middle of Conversation with one of the Member of SEA, and will update you with anything we come to know.


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