Ahmedabad, India, April 6: BJP Junagadh unit’s website was hacked and defaced earlier today and seven of the webpages from the website were defaced with “morphed” photographs of party’s PM nominee Narendra Modi and comments against the Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh a pro Hindu organisation in India.

BJP Junagadh unit’s web site defaced by Pakistani hacker, hacker targets BJP and RSS

“As soon as I reached office, our IT cell employees told me that someone has hacked our website https://www.bjpjunagadh.org and uploaded photographs and comments to malign reputation of BJP, RSS and Narendra Modi,” said Jivani a senior party member.

However several reputed state print and electronic media group have falsely reported the hack and published that the defaced pages had images of Mr.Narendra Modi and other BJP leaders burning the tricolour.   While in another photograph, they are said to be standing on the Indian Tricolour. Techworm investigated the matter and found that the website had actually been hacked by a pro-Pakistan based hacker group going under the hand of Sniper haxXx.  

Sniper haxXx has not only defaced the page but posted several images of people burning the Indian Tricolour or stomping on it.  Most of these images are from Pakistan and Sniper hasXx also posted the following message :

BJP Junagadh unit’s web site defaced by Pakistani hacker, hacker targets BJP and RSS

OMG   Hacked ?? WTF !!

We are the Pakistani hackers No one can stop us ! No one can find us ! No one can judge us ! No one can forget us !

BJP Bhartiya janta Party right ? or RSS ? ok what ever bullshit name it is ! We are monitering your every act and are well awared from your propagandas against Pakistan. You and your army cant imagine who we are and what we can do for Pakistan. BJP Akhand bharat dream ? MY FOOT !*** zionists ! narindr modi *** *** -_- This is a payback for the Muslims who were killed by you ! DO you remember that day how many inocent Muslims were killed ? or You forget that day ? We want justice for the Ishrat jahan case !  And remember us we are your finishers ! Akhand bharat will be finished and Gazwa e Hind is our destiny !

We are the newer generation and love Pakistan, Your ” Aman ki asha ” ? My foot ! we make this asha into ptasha ! of jang group (GEO GROUP) ! we also know what you are doing in Afghanistan, Karachi and balochistan suffring from proxy war and we will clean it from your terrorist organizations soon! we warn you stop this anti-Pakistani agenda or we are also aware from which we should support ! ” Kamtapur libration organization or asaam,manipur, bangladesh , bhutan , ???          

We hope For AAP ( Aaam admi party ) ……. BJP **** **** !

The website was hacked for our Kashmiri Brothers !!   Free Kashmir     !! 

Sign of Breavery Pakistan Army ! Pakistan Zindabad !

!!!!   xxxxxxx   !!!!

Techworm has the image of the hacked webpage.  The images posted on the defaced face are very denigrative in nature hence we cant publish them here. However the hack comes at a time when the polls in India are going to start from today and whole of India is in a election frenzy.

A Complaint has been lodged with ‘B’ division police over the incident, and the website is back to normal now.