Indian hackers have hacked and defaced three Government websites of Pakistan including the official web portal of Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Railways of Pakistan and Cabinet of Pakistan  in retaliation to the the recent cyber attack by Pakistani hackers on the  Indian websites.

The defaced websites displayed the hacker names as “Hacked BY Bl@Ck Dr@GoN & Haxor T0du” and a short message warning Pakistani hackers to stop attacking Indian Cyber space.

Indian hackers retaliate, deface's Pakistani Government websites
(Screenshot taken from the defaced website by techworm)

All three websites were down at the time of writing the article. They have made been unreachable soon after the attack ended, most probably as the webmasters of websites wanted to restore them.

Pakistani hackers have been hacking Indian websites from  few weeks over the ongoing Operation Name #OpKashmir. in the past few weeks in addition to thousands of small websites Pakistani hackers also managed to deface several websites of India’s premier political party, BJP including the official website of its senior leader LK Advani

While the Cyber attack between the two country is not new, techworm sees that coming days will bring more and more big hacks from both side as attacks and  counter attacks continue.



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