Hacker ‘Guccifer’ who hacked emails of former U.S. president George W. Bush and the head of the Romanian secret service sentenced for 4 Years in jail

Notorious Hacker ‘Guccifer’ AKA “Small Fume” was sentenced for 4 years in jail by a Romanian Court on Friday.

Guccifer was charged for series of hacks including hacking into emails of former U.S. president George W. Bush and his family members, former US Secretary of State Colin Powel, the head of the Romanian secret service, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Diane McWhorter, comedian Steve Martin, Oceanographer Robert Ballard and several other politicians and celebrities from the U.S and Romania.

While this may look a big list of charges, this is forms only a small part of his actual list of victims and target.

The Hacker behind the aliases “Guccifer” and “Small Fume”:

40 Year old Marcel Lazar Lehel, a cab driver by profession is behind the Name Guccifer, Lehel was arrested in January by the Romanian authority and could serve a total of 7 years behind the bars as he also carries a previous 3 years suspended sentencing.

Victims and Targets:

Guccifer’s list of targets is pretty huge. In addition to the above mentioned targets, he also hacked into the accounts of a U.S. senator, members of the Rockefeller family,  former FBI and Secret Service agents, a senior U.N. official, Sidney Blumenthal, an aide to Bill Clinton and members of the Council on Foreign Relations.  

While he loved to target politicians and Government agencies, he also hacked accounts of several hollywood celebrities. In May 2013 he leaked the original unpublished manuscript of Sex And City by hacking into the author Candace Bushnell’s account. Earlier, he also posted the original script for the finale of “Downtown Abey” Season 4, that he accessed from the email account of the show’s creator Jullian Fellowes, 6 months before the show was supposed to be broadcasted.  

There are several documents, that Guccifer compromised and leaked.  Most prime of them all was a spreadsheet that contained  phone numbers, email addresses, social security numbers, passwords for various websites, along with drawings, documents – such as doodles by Bill Clinton, self-portrait that George W. Bush painted of himself taking shower. 

Whilst many of the readers may think that all the hacks were hitech but in reality its not entirely true. Guccifer used Social Engineering tricks mostly by guessing the Security question of the victim’s Account after reviewing Wikipedia pages, names of their relative or the pet’s name correctly.

Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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  1. So, when George Bush reads our e-mails, it's legal, but when some Romanin dude does it he ends up in jail 🙂 There's democracy for ya…


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