Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive comes up with advanced Lightsaber for “Star Wars ” upcoming movie

Star Wars Episode VII to feature a new advanced lightsaber designed by Jonathan Ive of Apple

JJ Abrams, director of “Star Wars Episode VII : The Force Awakens ” movie has tried to think out of the box with the help of  Jonathan Ive popularly known as Jony who is Apple’s chief designer, to give a sinister look to the Lightsaber.

Star Wars science fiction movies have tremendous fan following who are totally crazy about the lightsaber which are used by the Jedis and the dark forces in the movie. Lightsaber is a fictional energy weapon consisting of a metallic hilt from which energy is emitted in the form of a blade. Only a true Jedi Knight can activate the force of a Lightsaber and this forms a major weapon used in the Star Wars fiction movies. Star Wars “The Force Awakens” which will be released in December 2015 will witness the introduction of new age Lightsaber designed by Jony.

Last year a trailer of the movie revealing its new lightsaber was released which had many of its fans criticising and also giving out their suggestion to improvise on the design. The trailer depicted a small scene from the movie wherein a cloaked figure whips out the lightsaber which is a crossguard with laser beams emitting out . However, things were quietened once it was revealed that Apple’s Chief designer Jonathan Ive had a hand in designing this new age advanced Lightsaber for JJ Abrams, who is the director of the movie.

The invention of this new and advanced Lightsaber started when Ive and Abrams were enjoying together at a non formal party at New York. It was Ive’s suggestion to redo the design of Lightsabers for future Star Wars movies in the franchise, in such a way that it should be  Quote “less precise and more spitty” Unquote, as recited by Ive to Verge. JJ Abrams, took this suggestion seriously.

Thus, emerged a whole new lightsaber which is “more analog and more primitive” and definitely  more intriguing.  The new lightsaber  draw more people to watch the movie because Star Wars Lightsabers have a definitive fan following themselves amongst young and old.

Overall the new Lightsaber has a “sinister” look because now it has a look of a cross with 3 beams emitting, 2 beams additional from the base hilt.

JJ Abrams and Jony have really worked hard to give the benefit of using advanced weapons to their science fiction characters!! Will the lightsaber’s force work at the BO, that remains to be seen!

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Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
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