Magic Leap CEO, Phones and Screens will become obsolete once virtual and augmented reality are available

Google backed Magic Leap will introduce a new mysterious device which will combine augmented reality and virtual Reality to give true replication of visual Reality.

Magic Leap has filed a patent in January 2015 which led to disclosure of its mysterious “technology” and the “headset”. Someone would really wonder what Magic Leap is all about!

Rony Abovitz’s Magic Leap would bring sheer magic to the smartphone screens by combining technology with biology. Google had made an investment of $542 million last year to support Magic Leap’s ‘technology.’

Magic Leap’s magical wand is still top secret and CEO Rony Abovitz is making it all that more mysterious by keeping a close guard on the secrets; however he has given out some information about Magic Leap in his recent Reditt AMA. On Reditt, Abovitz explained Magic Leap in such a way that it would create more curiosity. He said “You can think of us as techno-biology. We believe it is the future of computing” Further he also added: “It is the proper application of technology to biology that leads to the experience of magic.”

Further dig into Magic Leaps Technology revealed few more things:

Actually some felt that Magic leap will introduce a headset which combines Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) however Abovitz says it is a technique that tricks you into thinking an object is three-dimensional by showing each eye a different image and a different angle of the same object. The technology used in Magic Leap will superimpose the virtual world on the real world. Somewhat similar to the recently release of Microsoft HoloLens. However it is not yet clear cut as to what Magic Leap is all about and hence is very intriguing as of now. As per Abovitz AMA Magic Leap is not a 3D technology instead a minuscule projector will be located in the device which will reflect the images into user’s eyelid in such a way that the brain will not be able to differentiate between the real images and the images from the projector hence this would result in producing the magical experience where the digital images would show reflections as though they are real objects. The details of the  device has not been disclosed yet, however when asked regarding the sensors which will be used in the device Abovitz replied on Reditt saying: “We are working internally and with partners on proprietary tech and solutions here.”

Magic Leap is still in the developing process and will be launched in near future however the dates are not yet declared. As per Abovitz once the Magic Leap devices are released the “screens” will  appear out of date however he also confirmed that this will not happen in a day and there will be a transition period when some will start using these devices immediately, some may wait and some might use a combination. However when asked if special screens are required for Laptops, smartphones etc he said a clear “NO”.

VR is becoming a hot cake in the technology world wherein Microsoft, Facebook, Sony, Nike all are involved in developing devices using VR or AR or combo. Movie studios and the travel agencies have already started using the VR and AR to preview their products. Now Magic Leap has clear vision as to where all their technology will be used :

  • Magic Leap might develop new games as it has already recruited Graeme Devine, a veteran game developer
  • It also has collaboration with Weta Workshop, a company known to provide visual effects in Avatar, The Hobbit etc
  • Joined hands with speculative fiction novel writer Neal Stephenson who can build sites for people
  • Also might even have future in films with extra effects
  • Can develop comic books and music and many more things to come
  • Also non entertainment app designing such as apps for social mapping, productivity, creations and communication.

Technology world will really turn upside down with the release of Magic Leap!

Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
Content writer with unending love to pen down my thoughts and views regarding the new technological inventions as well as probe into the current affairs. Feel as if i am free bird who can actually live life at my pace.


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