Apple: iPhone 5 defective battery restoration program extended by 10 more months, till January 2016.

Apple launched its Battery Replacement program in August when it found that a “very small percentage” of  iPhone 5 handsets sold between September 2012 and January 2013 and which belonged to a particular series has some issues with its battery. Apple also announced that till 1st March 2015 the handsets can be exchanged at an Apple Store or by an authorized service provider. However, this replacement program has now been extended by Apple till January 2016.

For all the users who are facing default battery issues in their  Apple iPhone 5  handsets, which was bought between September 2012 to January 2013 and which falls within a particular specified series, it is advisable to check on the Apple’s official website: iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program Website, if they are still eligible for a battery replacement as Apple has extended this replacement program till January 2016.

A word of caution for the users is that even if they are eligible for a replacement, the handset should be in good condition; in other words if the handset is damaged then it needs to be mended and then can proceed  further for a replacement.

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