Local Vendors Create High-Quality Fake Xiaomi Mi4 Smartphone

We had run a article about Xiaomi Mi4 LTE found to be hosting spyware/adware and carrying a forked Android operating system. The report was published by mobile data security company Bluebox.

Xiaomi reached out to us about the post, and apparently Bluebox also because the prototype Bluebox was testing was found out to be illegal make of Xiaomi Mi4. The said model may have been manufactured by local vendors to make illicit gains by exploiting Xiaomi’s goodwill in the smartphone arena.

The post has been updated by Techworm bringing the above into consideration. Xiaomi via its email has stated that its popular MIUI interface based on Android OS goes through rigorous QC testing and follows Google’s Android Compatibility Definition Document therefore a question of any Xiaomi smartphone having a forked Android as OS does not arise.

The email also pointed out to the fact that there are many black market vendors in China who take advantage of the Xiaomi brand name to make a exact replica of the Xiaomi products but often contain harmful and unsecure Apps.

“This happens across all brands, affecting both Chinese and foreign smartphone companies selling in China,” Xiaomi said.

Xiaomi via its email exerted buyers to buy Xioami products only from its official channel partners or the companies website Mi.com.

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