ChatGPT-based Search Engine Might be Coming in a Few Weeks

ChatGPT has changed the way online searches work. Consequently, it has started seeping into offline channels.

Now ChatGPT based search engine might get released soon. The speculation started after OpenAI registered the domain and the SSL certificate.

This was first posted on Reddit and Y Combinator news. It has started the conversation around ChatGPT disrupting the search engine market.

This may also make ChatGPT a direct competitor of Google and Bing, the two big players in the space.

Many industry experts are calling May 9th as the release date.

Small Steps Led to This

One of the biggest complaints of the early ChatGPT users was that it had data up to a certain date. You could not get the latest information, and thus, the answers were not entirely accurate.

This changed after OpenAI released GPT-4 in March of 2023. It is available to premium users and comes with an online search capability.

You can ask any question, and ChatGPT searches online looking for data before replying with the answer.

And if you don’t like the default search, you can always use CustomGPTs (for premium users) to search through different search engines for the answers to your questions.

Now the search engine will compete with Perplextiy AI, who are gearing towards a search-engine approach.

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Hints from the Founder

In March, talking about Google and Gemini on Lex Fridman’s podcast, Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI, hinted at a more search engine-like interface for ChatGPT users.

Sam Altman on Lex Fridman podcast
Courtesy – Lex Fridman on YouTube

He even one step further and talked about product recommendations in the “dystopian future”.

They also discussed newer ways for ads, and Google Adsense. This point of conversation emphasized the importance of ads but in a better way.

When is the ChatGPT Search Engine Releasing?

Many users on Reddit and other forums are speculating its release with the GPT-5, which is slated for mid-2024.

OpenAI has a pattern of releasing major updates to ChatGPT with a new GPT version. We expect the same release period and cannot wait to try it out, to help you use it better.

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