“Pre-Register” Option To Be Added To Google Play Store

“Pre-Register” Option To Let Android Users Pre-Register For Upcoming Apps On Google Play Store

You desperately want to play a new Android Title, but it has not been released yet and you are worried that you may forget about it in a month or so. In that case, maybe Google can be of help. In other words, we are talking about a pre-registering system, that can be used in order to be between the first ones who find out when a new app will be available.

Google has added an interesting new feature to the Google Play Store as “Coming Soon”. This feature let’s developers to post their apps as “Coming Soon” along with an option for users to pre-register that will send notification to them when the app is ready for download.

Glu Mobile, the company that recently took investment from China’s Tencent will be the first developer to use the new feature with their new game “Terminator Genisys: Revolution”, as noticed by the folks at Android Police. This comes as a relief for those users who are worried that they would forget to download the app a few months from now when it is released. The users who are interested need to simply tap the “Pre-Registration” icon to show their interest. This option has been introduced by Google for Android and tablet users. Currently, there is no charge for users to pre-register on Google, and users can un-register at any time.

For Android customers, Pre-registration is free of charge. Also, the users are not obligated to download or buy the app once it is live. The process sets up an notification that prompts a user once the app is available. Users can cancel their interest whenever they feel like, as it is not a lock-in.

Pre-registration is not meant for average developer; however, it could be of help for games that are released alongside films — i.e. Terminator — or sequels or big budget productions that want to create interest among users and intensive publicity surrounding pre-launch.

This feature is another example that differentiates Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Including allowing developers to reply to reviews, Google since long has allowed a number of unique features. The company is known to be more lenient when it comes to examining new apps and updates. This is thought to be one of the reason why the risk of damage is higher for Android customers.

This can be used as a heavy feature for the more highly predictable apps. If this feature is heavily used by developers in future, in order to then stop overcrowding, hopefully Google will add a “Coming Soon” section to the Google Play Store.

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