Spectacular and truly Amazing images and videos of India from space as seen by the NASA astronaut

NASA astronaut Terry W. Virts tweeted some stunning images and breathtaking videos of India which he was able to capture from space

We have seen some bird eye views of Indian territories and definitely appreciated the scenic beauty of this country.  However, what Terry W. Virts, a NASA astronaut, tweeted last week is just beyond words.

Virts, has been deployed in NASA spaceship since 2014 as a commander for Expedition 43. For the past week, Virts has been flying over India and he seems to have recorded various stunning images and fabulous videos, of India from space, in his journals. On May 8th he also tweeted these images and videos for his followers to enjoy them.

Readers can check the aerial looks of Incredible India from space:


His tweets indicated that he was documenting his day and night flight over India and it was accompanied with remarkable videos showing the contrast between the sparkling Ganges as well as the shining night lights.

Virts further captured the breathtaking images of “moonlit clouds” over the South East coastline of India and tweeted: “Moonlit clouds over southeast #India coastline, with Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.”

What more he also posted another tweet which was a sort of quiz!! Yep he asked his Twitter followers to name the city in India that he had captured and posted in his tweet. His tweet said: “This #Namethe city in #India caught my eye. Click to see which city is shown here.” He had captured the spectacular visions of Ahmedabad and Chennai during the night hours when these cities were shining in its glory to the utmost.

He also expressed his admiration and wonder when he captured an extensive lightning storm and tweeted saying : “Massive lightning storm over #India. A majestic performance that inspires awe and respect”.

Must say a big “Thank You” to Virts, because it is difficult for us to actually reach a spaceship and he with his thoughtfulness tweeted these images and videos for us to enjoy the stunning view of these regions from space!!


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