When and What to expect from Google Android M operating system and other Google products from Google I/O 2015

Google I/O 2015 conference schedule is released and it gives us a hint of future prospect of Android M operating system and other Google Products.

This year the Google I/O 2015 conference will be held on 28th and 29th May at San Francisco. While revealing its schedule for those two days it seems by chance, Google also leaked the information regarding announcement of Android M for its Day 1 session. Google has removed the information from  schedule as of now, because Google does not like to give away the details of its conference way ahead before its actual conference session.

In the meantime, ArsTechnica was able to get a few details as to what all new developments are stored by Google for its Android. The session details have been summed up here:

  • Android M details :
    • Release date: Android Lollipop seems to have hit just 10 percent of the smartphones and now Google is ready to announce its latest version Android M; however as per Google’s earlier history there was a gap of almost a year between Android Kitkat and Android Jelly Bean and the Android Lollipop updates, hence as of now it seems that though Google will announce its Android M during its conference; the actual rolling out of this version would be in fall or early winter.
    • Certain features of Android M: Android M is expected to have certain tremendous changes in its interface and design as compared to its earlier version Android Lollipop. It is expected Android M will have an improved notification, Smart home feature which will have a complete control over all the connected devices at home and in the office via Nest and other third-party makers. It seems Google will introduce some advanced features for Security enhancements in Android M.
    • Android ‘M’ name: It has been observed that Google uses the alphabetical order to name its new Android version, the chronological order so far is: Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, and Lollipop. Hence with “M” it could be  Muffin, Milky Way, Marshmallow, M&Ms, Mud Cake, and Mars!! as Google seems to be fascinated with sweets.
  • Android for work update: Earlier this year, Google had announced that it has plans to build the software with regards to design and interface in such a way that it will be more appealing to the corporations, indirectly hinting that now Google would reach the corporate workplaces as well. Android M is expected to bring an evolutionary change in Android’s interface rather than its external appearance. Google plans to bring a dual persona feature to its Android and what would this mean? It would mean that Google will provide two versions of its Android one for work data and the other for personal data so that user can easily demarcate and keep these two data separately. The ‘Android for Work Update’ session says, “Android M is bringing the power of Android to all kinds of workplaces.” However, the report also brings it to our notice that Google will have to combine its Android M and new version of Work together for more app separation because current implementation does not seem to be working for high security businesses.
  • Android Wear: Google’s Advanced Technologies and Products group is expected to announce some wearable. Android M is further expected to bring some development in the way its smartwatch and smartphone interacts with regards to notification and voice commands. Some feel that Google may even introduce AI robots on Android M!! so seems Google will now bring its new version to many more elements right from pocket, to wrist watch, to car, home etc. to name a few.
  • Voice Command: “Your app, now available hands free” this is a session scheduled during the event and it gives a brief about the same:  “In this talk, we introduce Voice Access, a service that gives anyone access to their Android device through voice alone.” It seems that Google will introduce a Voice Access feature which will give users to access their Android device exclusively through voice. It could be some Driving app probably. Users will have to use lots of voice commands in order to use the app and on the other hand Google too would need to work on ensuring the app understands the accents and dialects across the globe.
  • Real time satellite imaging: Another session “The Earth in real time” will have some future plans regarding the Skybox implementation. Actually, Google acquired Skybox, a satellite imaging company, last year for $500 million. Now Google and Skybox together are set out to launch about 24 satellite images into space with the purpose of real time satellite imaging. It seems Google has some announcements to make in regards to its progress in this field.
  • Google Cloud Messaging: Google seems to be all set to introduce its Cloud Messaging 3.0 which is a new version of Google’s push messaging platform.
  • Chromecast 2: There is another session known as “Designing games for Google Cast”, it seems Google is expected make announcements for its Chromecast wherein it will discuss “designing for the mobile and television experience on multiple screens, and adapting existing game design patterns to a multi-screen interactive format.” Further, there is one more session that includes the discussion on “using Android and iOS mobile devices as game controllers to unleash new interaction models for Chromecast and other Cast devices.” All these discussions indicate that Google might be launching Chromecast 2 during the conference.
  • Miscellaneous: There is a session “Hands-on with Polymer 1.0,” which indicates that the current Polymer 0.8 will be updated to Polymer 1.0. Polymer is Google’s UI toolkit  that is used to making websites which offer an app feel. Google might also be testing tools to woo developers further details will be revealed soon in the conference.

Google I/O 2015 seems to be a huge show this year and we need to patiently wait to check what all new features Google will finally reveal during the conference.

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