You can win $5,000 from NASA for suggesting how to live on Mars

NASA invites you to give your innovative suggestion on building sustained human life on Mars with “Journey to Mars Challenge”.

NASA has announced its unique “Journey to Mars Challenge” wherein it has invited public to participate in this competition and give some innovative ideas and suggestions for its pioneer mission of establishing sustained human life on Mars. Further, the best idea or suggestion also stands to win $5,000.

The suggestions could include certain general requirements like “shelter, food, water, breathable air, communication, exercise, social interactions and medicine”; however what NASA committee is looking out for, is the innovative idea which could chalk out the details for their pioneer proposals to support sustained human life on the planet Mars.

For a long time now, NASA has been continuously monitoring Mars from orbit via its International Space Station testing systems and trying to get information regarding the health aspects on this planet.

On the other hand, NASA is also engaged in research and development of its next generation crew vehicles, their recent experiment on Warp drives is an example of a future spacecraft that would be able to land humans on Mars in matter of only 70 days as against today’s estimate of about 500 days!!!

NASA says it would appreciate if the participants can think out of the box and use their creativity and imaginations in their suggestions. The space agency is basically looking out for some realistic survival schemes from the participants which is technically achievable as well economical. NASA is actually looking out for ideas from the challengers which would include integrated systems or capabilities that would help enhance sustained human stay on the Red planet.

NASA further says it would appreciate if analysis, assumptions and the data provided by the participants is able to justify their values. Further NASA also says that the innovative ideas should also include methods to develop, test as well as implement these systems. NASA says that their pioneer mission of “Journey to Mars” should be planned in such a way so that it is able to survive with all the regular human needs and also be able to cease its dependence on Earth for support.

The agency says that the submissions will be judged on various criteria that includes creativity, relevance, feasibility, simplicity and the idea should be able comprehend all the required aspect, be economical and also have future growth aspect.

NASA has declared a total pool of $15,000 prize money and it further plans to give out the prizes to best three suggestions, that means the participants have a chance to win $5,000 each.

Enthusiasts and creative people can definitely participate in this challenge. Check this link for more details and for details regarding NASA’s journey to Mars, visit this website.

Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
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  1. If you want to leave then you make a forest for generating oxygen and another source is water. You shoud inverted a machine like that combines clouds and make a raining.

  2. NASA founded dry water on MARS.
    I am giving suggestion to NASA to grow a (Ficus religiosa ) i.e. peepal (in India) tree or grow Its seeds on MARS. (Its seeds are easily grow on dry water)
    At the time of breathing peepal tree takes Carbon dioxide and give an oxygen.

    Then, there will be an oxygen on Mars and we will be started life on mars.

  3. If we want to live on Mars, primary succession is mandatory. And for this we need plant those trees ,stores much water and transfers less.

  4. I have designed a spacial type of space farming technology. By this technology we will be able to grow more & more food in space for the astronauts in long time stay or journey. It will help to reduce resupply from earth or space cost.
    I have prepared few sketches and notes about this. How can I send to you this?


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