Microsoft launches new lineup of portable chargers which can charge Windows Phone three times over

Microsoft Launches External Battery (Power Bank) That Can Charge a Windows Phone Flagship 3 Times

How one could wish to have a battery that could support multiple apps running on our devices without the need for it to be charged during the day. Well, this thing seems impossible if it involves heavy usage of the smartphone.

Microsoft has announced a new lineup of what it calls portable chargers to ensure that you have enough battery even when you are traveling. These external batteries do not require a wall socket to recharge your phones.

Available in three versions, the Portable Dual Chargers comes in 5200 mAh, 9000 mAh, and 12000 mAh batteries along with different weights and sizes. The last option of 12000 mAh is the best for those who want to recharge a Surface tablet while traveling or for those who charge their phones several times in a day.

“If both your Lumia and portable charger need charging, make use of the ‘daisy-chain’ feature. Simply connect the power pack to the charger, then your mobile device to the power pack and both will charge simultaneously,” Microsoft says.

There is no need to say that these chargers are very useful when extra battery is needed, and there’s enough juice to charge your Windows Phone flagship several time.

The Lumia 1520, for instance, which is still considered a flagship has a battery of 3400 mAh. This would mean that the phone could be recharged thrice with the 12,000 mAh version with still some battery left in it.

All three portable chargers comes with two USB ports and will be available in black color. These products will be sold via Microsoft’s online store later this month. It will also go on sale in several markets in the next few weeks, which Microsoft is yet to disclose.

On the cost front, the 5,200 mAh model is priced at $35 (€30/Rs.2200), while the 9,000 mAh version is priced at $45 (€40/Rs.2800) and the the top-of-the-range external battery with 12,000 mAh is priced at $55 (€49/Rs.3500).

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