Samsung and MIT to create batteries that can last forever

Samsung and MIT finding a way to make the battery last infinitely

The one problem that everyone wants a solution is the finite lifespan of a battery. The more number of apps you run on your electronic devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and so on, the more early the battery drains. When your battery reflects 100% as charged, it does not provide you the same amount of time of as it did when you first purchased your device.

So, how about a solution that lets the battery lasts while holding most of its charge in general?

Well, Samsung and MIT might have an answer to this. Samsung and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are working on figuring out a way to make batteries last ‘indefinitely’.

So, how does this work? Batteries normally use a liquid as the electrolyte, the solution through which electricity is conducted. However, Samsung and MIT are of the opinion that replacing the existing liquid substance found inside most batteries with a solid material could instead increase the life of a battery rapidly.

A battery normally starts degrading gradually when it is charged, which is why we need to replace the battery in most of the electronics after a few years. By replacing the electrolyte with a solid will allow a battery to hold its charge for pretty much forever. In other words, this means that the battery would possibly undergo “hundreds of thousands of cycles” of recharging and discharging.

Further, MIT also claims that the discovery “solves most of the remaining issues in battery lifetime, safety, and cost,” and argues that it’s a “game changer”. The new batteries are also expected to be more resistant to temperature and external factors. These batteries would also not catch fire because, as MIT so gracefully puts it,

You could throw it against the wall, drive a nail through it. There’s nothing there to burn

For the past few years, Samsung has been working constantly on improving the battery technology. With this innovation, Samsung hopes to find a breakthrough. Ironically, there is no news as to when these batteries will be made available for consumer devices; however, one hopes it to be in the near future.

Batteries with unlimited lifespan remain a distant dream as of now. With hundreds of current batteries and their manufacturers rendered useless if this is launched, it remains to be seen whether such lifelong batteries see the light of the day.

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