Save data while watching YouTube And Netflix Videos with Opera Max

Opera Max Can Now Compress YouTube And Netflix Videos And Save Data While You Are Watching Them

Opera Max is an app from Opera that compresses content and manages data usage to maximize how much browsing you can do with your carrier’s monthly data allotment. Until now, one of the limitations with the Opera Max Android app was that it did not compress encoded connections, which meant no support for the likes of YouTube and Netflix.

However, Opera has pushed out an update for its Opera Max Android app with support for both YouTube and Netflix. Also, the update boasts about using up less data while streaming videos, shows and movies. This means you can now optimize YouTube and Netflix video streams over HTTPS “without any significant loss in quality” in less buffer time and indulge in watching more viral clips within the same data allowance.

“The new version of Opera Max touts unique technology that saves data on videos without any significant loss in quality and even reduces buffering,” the company said Tuesday in a statement. It also said that the app can “condense a 10MB video down to 3MB — and significantly reduce instances of video buffering — without any noticeable loss of quality.”

According to Opera, with today’s update, the app will save data across 3G/4G /LTE and Wi-Fi networks by up to 50 percent. However, data savings depends on the type of network and device you are on.

In addition to the new video compression feature, Opera also says that the new update will now bring the app to version 1.2.27, which will now let users to disconnect from a VPN without having to close the Max user interface. Additionally, some adjustments have been made to the UI, unspecified bug fixes, along with some other minor improvements.

In order to use the Opera Max, you need to run at least Android 4.0. Currently, Opera Max is available only for the Android platform. There is no clarity as to when this service would be available for iOS devices.

Launched in February 2014, Opera Max offered a similar service for its desktop users in the form of the Opera Turbo mode.

Opera is not stopping at the update provided on Tuesday. It has already started working on bringing more secured video services and social apps, which includes Facebook and Snapchat.

So stay tuned and watch this space for more news on Opera Max.

Download Opera Max from Google Play Store

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