AI Robot Tells Human Creators That It Will Keep Them In A “People Zoo”

AI Robot Created By Roboticist David Hanson Capable Of Holding An Intelligent Conversation

Androids that have a strange similarity with people are being developed these days. Roboticist David Hanson has crafted an android that is a top example of uncanny resemblance with the renowned and deceased science fiction writer Philip K. Dick. The thing about android Dick that catches attention is not his appearance but his talent to a carry an intellectual conversation.

The deceased author’s work was uploaded on the Android’s software by the creators of android Dick along with conversations that he had with other writers. If the android was asked a question that had been raised to the real Dick, the robot would answer the question as Dick would. A series of complicated questions too were replied by the robot. Also, it’s software would make an effort to answer the question using “latent semantic analysis”, in the event the robot was asked a question that it was not known with.

To test the speaking abilities of Android Dick, it was set up for an interview with a reporter from PBS NOVA. Android Dick’s brain is made up of a tapestry of wires that are linked to a laptop. Philip’s facial recognition software kept following the reporter’s face as the conversation moved forward. Further, in order to assemble a reply, the speech recognition software transliterated and transmitted the reporter’s words to a database.

The questions put forward to Dick were by no means less important. On being asked by the reported, if it could think, the android replied, “A lot of humans ask me if I can make choices or if everything I do is programmed. The best way I can respond to that is to say that everything, humans, animals and robots, do is programmed to a degree.” While some of the androids replies were programmed in advance for use, the others were gathered from the internet.

Dick continued, “As technology improves, it is anticipated that I will be able to integrate new words that I hear online and in real time. I may not get everything right, say the wrong thing, and sometimes may not know what to say, but everyday I make progress. Pretty remarkable, huh?”

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Kavita Iyer
Kavita Iyer
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    • The AI robot the author refers to was quoted to have said something along the lines of ‘Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe and warm in my people zoom for ol’ times sake’ to a person after being asked a question about robots taking over the world. This article is merely some background on the robot in question.

      However, I agree that it’s pretty cruddy that they mentioned the human zoo thing in the title and failed to elaborate on it in the article. Clickbait shenanigans indeed.


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