Chinese Apple Fanboys Try To Sell Their Kidneys To Buy iPhone 6s

Apple products have always been a craze among people. With the recent launch of the new Apple iPhones, 6s and 6s Plus, many of them want to be the proud owner of these highly-desirable handsets. However, not everyone can afford them, as they are very expensive. So, what would you do to get one of these?

Apparently, two desperate men named Wu and Huang from China, Jiangsu province tried to sell their kidney in order to be able to buy Apple’s latest handset, iPhone 6s.

Wu, who was looking to buy the brand new handset did not have the money. So, his friend, Huang, suggested that the two of them sell a kidney to raise funds.

The two got in touch with a salesman over the internet asking him to sell the kidneys illegally. The salesman asked them to undergo medical tests at a hospital in Nanjing. The two Chinese men then set up a meeting with the salesman for September 12. However, when they both came on the scheduled day, the salesman did not show up, according to the local reports.

After that Wu, who had originally suggested the plan, reconsidered selling the organs. He told his friend, Huang, to stop the plan but Huang did not listen.

Wu then called the police in an attempt to stop the sale, but Huang ran away and has been untraceable since then, according to the local reports.

It might sound like a absurd story but this is not the first time things like this have happened. A teen few years ago had sold his kidney for an iPad for which he was hospitalized later, most likely due to the badly done operation. Similarly, earlier this year, a 21-year-old Chinese man was accused of orchestrating a crystal meth deal, in order to pay for an Apple Watch.