Web developer shows off homemade smart mirror

A Seattle web developer has created a smart mirror that runs on voice commands. It can display the time, temperature and a personalized message — and a lot more.Evan Cohen posted the clip to YouTube on October 20 giving an update on how his invention was progressing after starting to work on the project just last month.

Cohen’s mirror operates by turning it on with his voice commands, before getting it to display maps of Seattle and Berkley in California before he gets it to adjust the lights and the colour they emit in his room. “I started this project back in September and have been hacking things together in some of my spare time,” Mr Cohen wrote.

Cohen says he first got inspired to build his smart mirror when he saw the work of Hannah Mitt, who built an Android application that powers her mirror. Cohen also took some inspiration from Michael Teeuw’s “Magic Mirror” concept, but Cohen built his own project from scratch. He had seen smart mirrors controlled by gestures, but wanted to build one that was voice-controlled.

 In mid-September, he built the prototype in just one weekend and spent the next few days polishing the interface. Before he built it, Cohen didn’t actually have a mirror in his room, so by fixing that problem he also added in a control for his home environment.
“The bugs are fairly minimal but I have a laundry list of things I want to implement,” Cohen told Digital Journal over the phone. “The actual interface now looks pretty good.” Cohen’s creation is pretty impressive as demonstrated in the video. As Cohen says “Wake up,” the mirror comes to life and instantly displays the time, the temperature outside and a customized message (in this case, Cohen has the mirror say “Hi, sexy!”).
Web developer shows off homemade smart mirror
Cohen has posted the specs on Github according to which it is powered by a Raspberry Pi computer running Chromium, a USB microphone, a monitor with its bezel removed and mirror glass itself. The lights he used are Phlips Hue smart bulbs. “There’s been a pretty considerable interest around (the mirror),” Cohen said. “I’ve had a lot of people ask for a how-to video.”


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