AirConsole turns your computer into a local multiplayer console and your smartphone into a controller

Have you ever wanted to play a game on your PC and control it with your smartphone. Meet AirConsole, the virtual web-based gaming console that turns any browser into a local multiplayer gaming experience and your smartphone into decent controllers.

To play simply go to the AirConsole website and get the code to connect as many smartphones as possible. The limit is based on how many simultaneous players a game supports. While you can use your smartphone’s web browser (AirConsole doesnt support Windows Phone) to connect to the AirConsole running on your computer or tablet, AirConsole has also released dedicated mobile apps for both iOS and Android. If you dont want to download the App, try UC Browser as it gives the best result with AirConsole.

AirConsole turns your computer into a local multiplayer console and your smartphone into a controller

Right now AirConsole has limited catalogue of games and basically all are browser games. AirConsole says that any Unity 3D game is compatible with it. All it needs is for the AirConsole developers to port the games, and they’re promising a lot more are coming soon.

But if you’re tired of waiting, there is still some way to extract enjoyment from AirConsole, whether by yourself or with others. One of the default games is actually an NES emulator and you can drag and drop any NES game, as long as you have the ROM for it.

The USP of AirConsole is its simplicity. After all, all you need is a big screen that can display a browser and an Internet connection. Almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket these days anyway.

The only negative point I can think of is lack of good quality AAA games.



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