Creative developer invents an App to Help Angry Douchebags Fight Each Other

Feel like punching somebody? Try out Rumblr App to schedule a fight!

Angry with somebody and feel like punching him/her? One genius developer has created an App that lets you vent your anger as well set up a fighting duel. Rumblr is an iOS app that promises to set up fights between anonymous douchebags. It will also allow you to watch fights between two people. The motto on their website reads “Casualty-free casual fighting for free”  while their surprisingly slick website explains, “You don’t need to fight to use Rumblr. With Rumblr Explore, anyone can browse and attend fights close by that other Rumblr users have arranged – all for free!”

The App is in beta vesion and will be launched 5:00 PM EST today. The developer claims there is a heavy demand for the App which may be true in a sense because everybody is ready to pick up fights these days.

Feel like punching somebody? Try this App to schedule a fight with that person

How this will affect young males, law enforcement, or the public health system is yet to be seen, but here’s how it’ll work.

Rumblr is also a lot like Tinder. You set up an account with your favourite douchey profile pic, and then scroll through all the other douchey profile pics looking for ones you want to punch. Once you pick up on the gent you want to thrash,  swipe right to confirming you want to fight. You can head over scheduling page where you can do some trash talking and schedule a fight. The example map on the site indicates there will be fights in Harlem.

If for some reason you develop could feet, the App has an option for you to “Pussy Out.” And if you are only a oral fighter, you can blast your opponent with choicest of abuses through the ‘Chat’ option. Remember Rumblr aint for friends so be ready to spread some vitriol around on the App.

There also seems to be a page for aggressive female users called RumblrHER as well as people who can only fight in groups called RumblrGROUP. There’s also a section where you can scope out the stats on your opponents. In this page you can add your own fight stats and list your fighting specialities.

According to the developer they’ve raised considerable funds from investors and the app is ready to go live. Apparently they were also working with the iOS app store to iron out legal issues before launching.

This is one App that may find success 😛 You can visit the developer’s website here to find out more about the fights that are scheduled.


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