Microsoft’s new video shows off Windows 10 Continuum

Video: Continuum for Windows 10 mobile phone shows how a smartphone can be used as a PC

Continuum is one of the biggest feature of Windows 10 Mobile, which allows smartphones that support it to be used as a Windows 10 PC when connected to external peripherals.

To promote this feature, Microsoft has released a video titled ‘Welcome to Continuum for phones’ that illustrates how Continuum can be used on a Windows 10 Mobile to make it use like a PC (Windows Store apps only) when connected to a mouse, keyboard and external display. Thanks to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) introduced with Windows 10.

The video shows how Continuum works both via wired and wireless connections when paired with either the yet-to-be-released Microsoft Display Dock and currently available Wireless Display Adapter where the transition from phone to PC is almost seamless. Further, for example, while maintaining the Continuum connection, the connected phone can still operate normally, to send a text or make a call or share photos. At the same time, the Display Dock also charges your phone.

The phone can even function as a touchpad to move the cursor, in the event you find yourself with only an external display and no mouse. The external display will show up in Windows 10 Mobile as a ‘Second display’ in Settings when connected.

While explaining how the Display Dock works to turn a phone into a PC, Microsoft said:

“Plug your Lumia 950 or 950 XL into a Display Dock and the external monitor starts up. The keyboard and mouse are ready to go, and with a 60 FPS refresh rate, catching up on email is flicker-free and super-smooth. With 1080p HD output and a USB-C port that charges your phone while you work, it’s a quick and easy way to get the productivity advantages of using a bigger screen.”

The video also shows how Windows 10 Mobile can connect wirelessly to a big screen TV, via the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, without the need for a Display Dock.

Continuum, which is a feature that comes as part of Windows 10 Mobile, will be available at first on devices such as Lumia 950 and 950 XL, both of which are projected to make their debut later this month. In the United States, the first to purchase the 950 XL will also get the Display Dock completely free of charge. However, the Lumia 550 is not supported. The regular price of the accessory is $99 (€85), but depending on market and taxes, it could vary a little bit.

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