Anonymous declare December 11 as ISIS ‘Trolling Day’ and you can be a part of it

Anonymous Kicks Off ISIS Trolling Day, Posts Mocking Images Of Goats and Ducks

The online hacktivist has declared December 11 as a ISIS ‘Trolling Day’ and has invited you to be a part of it by trolling ISIS and their affiliates in methods given below.

Anonymous has declared a full blown cyberwar on ISIS and their affiliates after the deadly Paris terror attacks. Under the banner of #OpParis, Anonymous has been taking down Twitter, Facebook accounts as well as DDoSing known ISIS websites. However, Anonymous has revealed another facet of the cyber war against ISIS and their propaganda websites, trolling. Earlier they mocked ISIS by lampooning them as ducks. GhostSec, an affiliate of Anonymous had hacked a dark web ISIS website and replaced the homepage of the website with a Viagra advert. The message was loud and clear, just chill!.

Now, Anonymous has declared December 11 and has asked all web users who are against the menace of ISIS to be a part of it. Anonymous is now trying to expose ISIS as the joke they are, urging users to release Photoshopped images, memes, and jokes with ISIS warriors as the main characters.

While some of you may consider this as a prank, Anonymous has said that their trolling campaign has a deeper objective. With many Western-living Muslims falling for ISIS’ silly social media propaganda, portraying ISIS and their cadres as bunch of goat f***** zealots may have some effect on future ISIS recruits.

The campaign which began on a 4Chan thread has slowly and steadily got involvement of ordinary Internet users and Anonymous hopes to fill the Internet with all kinds of Photoshop art for next Friday.

If you want to be a part of the Anonymous campaign, here are some of Anonymous pointers for you :

?       Post mocking photos of ISIS on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

?       Use #Daesh and #Daeshbags (apparently ISIS hates being called Daesh)

?       Try to get #Daeshbags trending on Twitter

?       Use #’s that many ISIS members use, but post mocking photos instead

?       Post photos of captured ISIS members and mock them

?       Make mocking videos of ISIS

?       Print out photos/stickers that mock ISIS and spread them around your city

Anonymous has also made a paste on Ghostbin dedicated to the December 11 trolling day. Anonymous stated that, “We will mock them for the idiots they are. We will show them what they really are they do not stand for a religion, they do not stand for a god, they are brainwashers teaching from the young to the old their propaganda against the “west” when in reality they are just increasing the distance between countries by giving many a bad name.”

Come be a part of the world ISIS trolling day on December 11!

We would like to apologize for the earlier image which was put inadvertently. The same has been removed fromt the website and Google has been requested to remove the image from the search results. We are extremely sorry for the mistake.

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