Chinese government arrest hackers engaged in US governments OPM data breach

Chinese government says not us but the cyber criminal we arrested is the one who hacked US government

Finally the truth behind the massive hack attack at Office of Personnel Management’s database is out. Chinese cyber criminals did it or this is what China is claiming. The Chinese government recently arrested a handful of hackers it says were connected to the breach of OPMs database this year, a mammoth break-in that exposed the records of more than 22 million current and former federal employees.

According to reports, the arrests took place shortly before a state visit in September by President Xi Jinping. This is the reason U.S. officials say they appear to have been carried out in an effort to lessen tensions with Washington.

While China has announced the arrest of the OPM hackers, it has not divulged any further details. The identities of the suspects and whether they have any connection to the Chinese government has not been disclosed.

If the individuals detained were indeed the hackers, the arrests would be first time China has acted against hackers targeting US interests.

US officials are still not buying China’s claims. The officials said that it has been difficult to confirm whether the people rounded up were connected to the OPM breach. “We don’t know that if the arrests the Chinese purported to have made are the guilty parties,” said one U.S. official who — like others interviewed — spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the subject’s sensitivity. “There is a history [in China] of people being arrested for things they didn’t do or other ‘crimes against the state.’?”

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