The Pentagon wants to be ahead of everyone, but it will require a large amount of money in order to make this possible

The U.S military wants to have a superior advantage over China and Russia which is why The Pentagon’s fiscal 2017 budget request will be including between $12 billion to $15 billion to fund the country’s AI weapons division. This round of funding will be injected in order to experiment and demonstrate the prowess of advanced weaponry. This will include the likes of weapons and machines that can function and think on their own accord in order to drastically improve efficiency.

According to Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work, these weapons and machines will be working in collaboration with human soldiers in order to tip any situation on the troops’ side. He states the following:

“This is designed to make the human more effective in combat. We believe that the advantage we have is … our people; that tech-savvy people who’ve grown up in the iWorld will kick the crap out of people who grew up in the iWorld under an authoritarian reign.”

In order to receive the necessary amount of funding, The Pentagon will be working closely with Congress in order to ensure continuous support for this venture. Robert Work also managed to state that both parties are going to be working together to ensure lower costs and increased productivity to reach their goals at a faster pace. Work also mentioned that he will not be detailing any specifics on the type of research and development that The Pentagon will be conducting because then the enemy will know what they are up to.

The new technologies will include exoskeletons (the kind that you saw in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare), extensive use of drones and of course the use of motherships that would be able to deploy a large number of drones in a single mission. Lockheed Martin, the defense contracting company is currently awaiting updates from the Deputy Defense Secretary concerning the future products that the firm will be undertaking in order to bring advanced warfare to a whole new level.