This router like box can hack into your smartphone and steal all your credentials

InterApp : This gadget can steal Email, social media passwords and Dropbox credentials from your smartphone without you even knowing it

Smartphone have become today’s PCs with users storing their vital information like emails, bank accounts, social media etc. Further, almost all websites and apps gather user’s data for various reasons like advertising etc.  This information is worth a lot of money to companies to further their goals and they go to any length to get it.

An Israeli defence technology firm has invented a box that is able to quietly steal a person’s emails, social media account passwords, Dropbox folder contents and more, as long as the user’s phone is nearby and its Wi-Fi transmitter is activated.

Rayzone Group, which makes intelligence systems for governments and intelligence agencies, has developed the InterApp system, able to remotely access pretty much everything of value from your smartphone.

According to the system’s website it can collect any “intimate information of any phone user… in the system’s proximity.”

The most troubling fact is that this gadget does not require any hack attacks or special tools to hack into a smartphone to steal the information it seeks. An enabled Wi-Fi in a smartphone is enough for InterApp to steal all the information according to its makers.

InterApp is fully transparent to the target and does not require any cooperation from the phone owner. The only required condition is that the WIFI transmitter of the mobile device will be open (No need to surf the web).

Rayzone says that any non technical person can use their gadget with a bit of training and once the device is setup it runs on its own.

The company is quick to state that InterApp is not meant for hackers or cyber criminals. Rather, they say, it is a strategic asset for governments for data harvesting and can be installed at a variety of points of interest with large geographical coverage with one analysis and control center. (Safe city / airports / etc.).”

They say that InterApp was also put into practice in the recent Paris attacks from tracking down the ISIS members. The company is unwilling to divulge the workings of the device. Motherboard Vice had a go at contacting the firm for comment and was told by RayZone Group’s Ron Zilka: “I don’t answer to any journalist. All the equipment is only for governments. I wish you all the best. I got your email, and I wish not to respond.”

InterApp looks dangerous even in the hands of governments let alone hackers and cyber criminals. There has to be some kind of patch on Wi-Fi signals to stop this device from infiltrating our smartphones to steal information.

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