This Amazing Hack Brings Windows 95 In Your Browser

Windows 95 was released by Microsoft in August, 1995. It marked a new beginning for PCs and Laptops with all the different windows and tiles. The Windows 95 era ended with the release of later versions of Windows which is continuing till date with the release of Windows 10.

However, Windows 95 would still give many among us some nostalgic moments. Would you like to relive those moments? Yes now you can, thanks to Andrea Faulds, a 19-year-old developer in Scotland, who has managed to get Windows 95 to function fully in the browser without any plugins.

Visiting Fauld’s masterpiece in the browser is a incredible nostalgic moment. The 20-year-old operating system comes fully functional in pure JavaScript which is amazing. You can als0 play Freecell and indulge in DOS. Or you can just relive the past.

The project uses emscripten, an emulator that compiles C++ code to JavaScript at runtime so you can enjoy the full retro experience without needing to install a plugin or set up Windows 95 from scratch.

Though the Internet Explorer may crash sometimes due to some problems with the emulator but Fauld’s efforts have to applauded.

Relive Windows 95 here.