This is how you can make iOS 9’s default Apps disappear on an iPhone

iOS Hack : Here is how to make iOS 9’s default apps disappear

It is well known that Android smartphones come with a lot of bloatware but iPhones and iPad have luckily been bloatware free. But with iOS 9 to 9.2, such default Apps have reappeared on the iPhone/iPad screen, often irritating the users.

It is learnt that Apple is working on providing a mechanism to users to hide such unwanted default apps in iOS, however that is still awaited.

Thanks to alert user, now you can use a glitch in iOS 9 through 9.2 to hide such unwanted Apps from the iPhone/iPad screen.

As seen in the video above, users have to move the unwanted apps into a folder, and then drag them as far to the right as possible, beyond any and all of the folder’s tabs. With an app still suspended “mid-air,” hitting the Home button simultaneously will cause it to vanish.

Remember, this method does not delete the Apps, it only hides them. The Apps will return once you reboot the iPhone/iPad. Simply putting a device to sleep leaves them invisible.

Another video given below is a tutorial to permanently conceal apps by way of invisible folders, but this involves a more complex set of steps, and using gray wallpaper to complete the illusion.

Till the time, Apple comes up with way to hid such unwanted Apps from iPhone/iPad screen, you can use either the easy way or the hard way and hide the unwanted Apps.

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