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The 13 most useful Mac shortcuts that lets you do everything in a jiffy

In an age, where people are pressed for time and have lot of things to finish, they always are in search of a shortcut to complete the task. Similarly, how cool it would be if we know a few shortcuts that can save our time while working on a Mac device.

Given below are the most effective Mac shortcuts that will surely make your job much easier.

1) ? + Space — Bring up ‘Spotlight’ search
The latest version of Apple’s OS X has an improved new search bar that can be opened by typing ? + Spacebar. You can search the web, do sums, and convert currency.

2) ? + F — Find things in documents
Now do away with the tedious method of finding words in documents. Just type ? + F to speed up the finding process. This command can be used in Safari, Chrome, Pages, Word, and just about everywhere else.

3) ? + A — Select everything
It can be quite a task to select data in a huge document. Pressing ? + A selects everything straightaway.

4) ? + C / ? + V — Copy or paste
Say goodbye to Mac trackpad. Make copying and pasting text now much easier by typing ? + C (which copies) and then ? + P (which pastes). You can copy text, photos, and everything else with this shortcut.

5) ? + W — Close an app window
You can now use ? + W to close windows easily without any fiddle.

6) ? + ? + Esc — Force quit apps
The quick way to fix the apps crash is to press ? + ? + Esc. This will open a menu with all the running apps that are not working and marked with “Not Responding.”

7) ? + Tab — Switch apps
Switch apps quickly by pressing ? + Tab. All the apps are displayed in a row that can be accessed by clicking on the one you want or pressing tab again.

8) ? + ? / ? + ? — Scroll up or down a page
Now save your time while scrolling page up or down. For the top, press ? + ? — and press ? + ? to scroll instantly to the bottom.

9) ^ + Tab — Change tabs in Chrome or Safari
To smoothly change tabs in Safari, Chrome, and other browsers, press ^ (Control) + Tab.

10) ? + ~ — Quickly change app windows
The command ? + ~ is godsend for those who need to have a lot of windows for one app open. For example, if you have two different Pages documents open, ? + ~ helps you switch between different windows of the same app.

11) ? + , — Open app preferences
App preferences are hidden behind the ? and another button, but pressing ? + , (comma) brings them to the front for whichever app is open.

12) ? + H — Hide the app
By using ? + M in OS X, you can minimise apps. However, if you wish to hide the app altogether, you can press ? + H and it will disappear immediately.

13) ? + ? + 3 — Take screenshots
Use ? + ? + 3 to take an instant screenshot of everything on your screen. ? + ? + 4 will allow you to drag a box to take a screenshot of a certain section.