This is how a geek took revenge on his really loud neighbours

This geek took down loud stereo’s with an EMP

This is the story of a talented geek named Kevin who always ran into troublesome neighbors, and after suffering from noise pollution for far too long, the geek decided that it was high time that he took matters into his own hands.

In a hangover-induced rage that started at 7AM thanks to noise pollution that was emanating next door, and that too on a Sunday morning, Kevin tore through his box of electronic scrap, which included capacitors and inductors.

So that was going to be his plan; to make an EMP device. Since an electronic magnetic pulse is a very effective way to fry anything that is more advanced than the steam engine, Kevin decided that this was going to be only solution to his peace of life.

In his rage, Kevin also managed to see a Yaesu handheld radio sitting on his desk. Now, if he pressed the transmit button at the right frequency, the speakers would manage to fry. What the geek did not realize that the results were far better than what he had expected.

The antenna was pointed directly at the neighbor’s stereo, and sure enough, those speakers had seen better days as they were burnt to crisp. While the act committed was definitely illegal, but you need to take desperate measures in order to ensure your peace of mind. The intelligent individual did realize that what he did was definitely wrong, but when you have troublesome neighbors who disturb your morning at 7AM and that too on a peaceful Sunday, you can do nearly anything in a fit of rage.

Looks like his neighbors are going to have to find a new, and peaceful hobby to indulge in because their expensive investment is no more.

Soon after Hack a Day published his article [Kevin] took down his post and sent Hack a Day a email. He told Hack a Day that what he had done wasn’t a good idea.

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  1. So what would this do if the neighbor was Pacemaker dependent? Dependent in that his heart needed a constant pacing from his pacemaker. (his heart not longer receives a signal from his brain) You fry the pacemaker – the person simply goes into cardiac arrest. Really simple equation. You do understand what I’m saying.

  2. what a shitty article! no info on how he made the hack, and a very clickbait title and image!
    “Kevin tore through his box of electronic scrap, which included capacitors and inductors.” did he do anything with those? or only with the radio ?
    Very poor writing, it’s like a 12 year-old wrote this for his English class!

    onto the case itself, what an utter idiot! fucking retards like this make real hackers look bad! so what if he had music on at 7am ?! OMG on a Sunday ?! are you fuckin kidding me ?! why were you hangover, you sloppy little shit ? get a grasp on life and stop fucking crying about anything that doesn’t go your way, you little bitch !
    he better had paid the other guy’s speakers, oh my fucking god, what a pussy !


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