Use this easy iPhone keyboard hack to get new emoticons and surprise your friends

Are you bored of the already available emojis in your iPhone? Would you like to try out some new ones?You can now access new fun filled, character-based emoji’s that you can use to spice up your texts, tweets, and messages with this easy 1 minute iPhone keyboard hack.

Basically, in your iPhone’s settings, just head to General, Keyboard, Keyboards, then scroll down to Japanese. Select “Kana.” Now, when you’re typing something out, you can hit the globe icon to swap through your keyboards (the same way you’d access the emoji keyboard) to get to the Kana keyboard. Mashable has made a video tutorial for the same.

In the lower left, you see an emoticon face (^_^). Tap that, and you’re given a side-scrolling list of various cute and quirky emoticons you can insert into your conversation.

Use this tip till you get bored or we come up with a new set of hidden emoji.



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