Anonymous hackers bring down NASA’s website for hiding information on ISIS

NASA is hiding big ISIS secret say hackers who DDoSed it

A team of hackers linked to the online hacktivist group, Anonymous, have allegedly attacked NASA’s computer systems as part of a global campaign against government cover-ups. The two hacking groups called New World Hacking and AnonCorrupt claimed they DDoSed NASA’s mail website and email servers on Sunday.

Although the NASA website seems to be up and running, the hackers showed proof of their DDoS attack to Mirror. The hackers told that NASA was withholding a piece of key information about the terror group ISIS, although they didnt divulge what that secret information might be.

New World Hacking is the same group which DDoS BBC website on New Year’s Eve and took it down for several hours.

NASA on its part denied the attack. The hackers presented a screenshot of to Mirror as a proof of their attack.

“We believe NASA is holding back information on many things, not just one,” a member ov New World Hacking told “The main thing we suspect they are holding back some more information on ISIS that the public needs to know.

“We won’t tell the public what we think they are hiding – we will let NASA explain.”

The hacking group said that the DDoS attack on NASA was a part of campaign called Operation Censorship (or #OPCensorship) and was also a practice run for upcoming cyber-assaults against Donald Trump, which are expected to take place on April Fool’s Day.

“This attack is a protest and a demonstration,” it continued. “We want Trump to know that he is next.”

The New World Hackers said NASA’s email servers were brought down during the hack attacks, which were launched by a number of supporters around the world.



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