Samsung’s ‘Otto’ personal assistant robot will answer anything that troubles you and protects you too

Samsung has created a companion robot called Otto and the latest machine can not only answer your questions, but it is also able to become a part-time security guard. Otto is expected to be demonstrated at the Samsung Developer Conference this week in San Francisco. Samsung Otto features an interactive speaker that can answer questions, order products and play music. Since the robot is currently in prototype stages, Samsung absolutely no intention of selling it to consumers at this current time.

Otto does have an integrated camera, which will make it quite handy to keep a track of whatever is going on in a given environment. The robot can broadcast live images from its integrated camera to PCs or mobile devices. Thanks to the inclusion of servos and motors, Otto will also be able to move its up, down, left and right, and this will all be made possible thanks to the latest dedicated mobile application.

Otto can also turn into your own personal butler but for the time being, it appears as if the robot will only be capable of carrying out basis tasks like powering up a smart appliance. Samsung will most definitely be showcasing more features of Otto at upcoming events, but the company’s primary aim is to tap into the ‘Internet of Things’. By tapping into this market, the company will effectively be able to give you control on making your home come to life thanks to the availability of robots like Otto.

We will get to see more unique features of the smart robot in the coming months so stay tuned for more updates.



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