Meet the guy who refused to sell for $80,000

This guy refused a whoppping $80,000 offer to sell to Kanye West

You may already know Kanye West who has been making more news off the stage than on it. West who is also married to one the top celebrities of Hollywood, Kim Kardashian managed to deliver one hit album, The Life of Pablo.

However West has other dreams also. He wants to be the President of the United States of America


However to make a successful bid for presidency, he needs to own the domain called Sadly, he can own it because its owner refused a whopping $80,000 offer to sell it.

When you visit kanyeforpresident website, you will be taken to the Instagram page of Tramall Ferguson.

Tramall Ferguson is a graduate from Australia and turned a paltry $10 into whopping $80,000, all in a nights surfing. Tramall told ABC that he was purchased the domain for $10 a year ago while surfing aimlessly.

“I was just trying to do something out of the box,” Tramall told ABC’s Control Z podcast.

He then made two impulse purchases: and

“I thought it was clever and no one had it yet, so I went ahead and did it,” Tramall says, “And then I literally forgot that I had it.”

Tramall’s $10 investment grew tremendously in five months, when Kanye West announced his Presidential bid at the MTV awards. Suddenly, was HOT internet real estate. Everyone wanted a slice, and the bids started rolling in.

“I got a call from some guy, he was offering me like, $30,000 at first. And I didn’t even know that he was offering me money for it, so I was just like, ‘50 grand!’ And he was like, ‘35’, and I was like, ‘50!’ and he was like, I’ll call you back.

“Then I got a call from Greg at TMZ, and then that’s when I kind of raised my eyebrows.

“Then I started getting crazy phone calls that day with people throwing out offers. The highest one on the first day was about 80 grand.

“[It was] like getting a lottery ticket and just winning. That’s basically what happened,” Tramall says.

Domain names can be a good business if you know how to deal in websites. Otherwise you have to plain lucky like Tramall above or Sanmay Ved who purchased for $10 during a night surfing expedition. Like Tramall, Sanmay too would have made millions from his buy but he chose to give back the domain to Google for something like $10,000 to be donated to charity.

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