This $710 tool can sniff contactless card details from 8 cm away and clone them

This $710 tool can hack hundreds of contactless cards by sniffing them and clone them at 15 cards per second

If you had this tool, you may never need cash anymore. The tool which is known as Contactless Infusion X5 can steal contactless credit card information including the card number and the card holder’s name and address in matter of minutes from a distance of around 8 cm.

And if you are really interested in Contactless Infusion X5, you need’t go far, it is available for sale on the Dark Web for around $710. What Contactless Infusion X5 is actually marvelous in pervert way. Because Contactless Infusion X5 not only steals information remotely, it is then able to clone the exact card for the hacker.

Contactless card machine

Contactless Infusion X5 tool is believed to be the first to specifically target contactless cards. “It can read any bank card from 8cm away and will read 1024 bytes per second, which is equivalent to 15 bank cards per second,” one fraudster told the Daily Star.

“All you have to do is be in close proximity to groups of people with contactless cards – that’s around half of all debit card holders – and you’re in.”

Contactless Infusion X5 is sold on different underground marketplaces on Dark Web along with accessories. The $710 buy will give you a reader, cabling and battery and 20 blank chipped cards to be turned into clones.

Recent research has shown that contactless cards are as much as twice as vulnerable to fraud as traditional cards. According to fraud prevention company Defender Note, 18% of people using contactless have fallen victim to fraud, compared with only 9% of those with more traditional cards.

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