For once Microsoft’s forced Windows 10 update turns a saviour

Forced Windows 10 upgrade stops hack attack on a TeamViewer victim midway

Let’s be clear about one thing, we all hate Microsoft pushing its latest Windows 10 upgrade down our throat. This has been written and glossed over since Microsoft changed the Windows 10 upgrade from the earlier optional to recommended automatic upgrade in late January. I personally think that Microsoft is conducting a social engineering experiment in which it wants to see how far it can force its loyal users by shoving Windows 10 upgrades.

Windows 10 upgrades have interrupted live weather newscasts and livestreaming of games which have been reported in the media. There may be countless  other unreported interruptions Microsoft’s nagware may have caused but this time we have some good news.

A Windows 10 upgrade actually did something good. Yes it is true, Windows 10 forced upgrade has worked in favor of at least one user, who was saved from the recent TeamViewer hack.

The happy user explained his relief on a Reddit thread. He said that his computer was unintentionally saved midattack when a Windows 10 upgrade launched, kicking out the hacker. “I was in the middle of being controlled but, fortunately, a Windows 10 upgrade suddenly started and kicked the hacker off,” he wrote. “Then my version of TeamViewer was removed automatically because it wasn’t compatible.”

The remote desktop connection tool, TeamViewer,as hacked and the yet unidentified hackers started using the hack to drain money from TeamViewer users PayPal and bank accounts. The hacker who targeted zelifcam, was toss out of the system because it was forced to upgrade to Windows 10.

As the upgrade started, the attacker’s connection to the victim’s computer was dropped. Once the upgrade to the new OS was completed, the TeamViewer software was removed entirely as it is reportedly incompatible with Windows 10.

You can read about the TeamViewer hack report here. You can find out if your TeamViewer was hacked here. You can also safeguard your PCs/laptops by looking at TeamViewer alternatives here.

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