One of the coolest features of the installation: Visitors can actually “hack” an Evil Corp ATM machine (powered by iStrategy Labs). There are clues all around the store that reveal codes that can be plugged into the ATM, rewarding observant shoppers with $10, $20, or $50 bills.

The overall theme of the latest incarnation of Story is “to disrupt,” and the store has been temporarily branded Disrupt Story. “Both the challenge and the exciting opportunity for us was that it has to be an experience that resonates with and appeals to diehard Robot fans,” says Story founder Rachel Shectman.

There’s also a wall of merchandise — ranging from Print All Over Me backpacks and notebooks to Stance socks — printed with an oil-painted representation of the show’s FSociety mask (the one that looks like an evil Mr. Monopoly). As it turns out, that painting’s the work of Carly Chaikin, the 26-year-old actress/artist who plays the brash and brilliant hacker Darlene on Mr. Robot.

There you go Mr.Robot fans, a whole new hacking challenge for you!


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