This 11 year-old boy has IQ of Einstein and Hawking

11-year-old boy from India has IQ of Einstein and Hawking

Little did 11 year-old Akhilesh Chandorkar know that his life was going to transform forever when he reached home from school last week. His parents, Rutwik and Sonali were holding a letter in their hand that established that Akhilesh’s IQ level was a mind baffling 160, claimed to be Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking’s score.

The letter from Mensa, a global society of high IQ people, acknowledged that Akhilesh is now part of top 2% intelligent people in the world. They invited him to be a member of the intelligently top society.

In 1946, Mensa was formed in Oxford by Roland Berrill, an Australian barrister, and Dr Lance Ware, scientist and lawyer. Later, the organization spread worldwide. Membership is limited to the top 2% of the population by IQ.

Akhilesh, a student of Jain International School, while on a family vacation to Scotland had appeared for the Mensa test in June. A Harry Potter fan, Akhilesh too did not expect such a high score in the test. “I was expecting around 140, but this is really high. After the test, for days we kept checking e-mails to see if the results had come. It was a nice surprise to find it coming through traditional postal mail,” he said.

Not the one to sit on his laurels, the young genius is already planning tasks ahead. “I want to be an astronomer and am already working on a theory about black holes,” said Akhilesh. Besides work, he removes time to play basketball and lawn tennis and gulp up as many fiction novels as possible. He is not different from any other kid of his age can also be noticed by what he calls his favourite memory of this year’s UK visit. “We visited the Harry Potter theme park and it was truly a magical experience,” Akhilesh remembered.

His mother Sonali said, “Even as a child we knew he was special. He used to solve jigsaw puzzles and put together Lego block designs at the age of four, that normally only nine-year-olds can do. He’s a voracious reader as well. Since he met the minimum age of 10 for appearing for Mensa test, we decided to let him have a go at it.”

Rutwik, a living in Nagpur a city in India, and Sonali own a tech company in the city and have resided in Scotland for almost a decade while working in the software field. Akhilesh too was born in Nagpur but completed his early schooling in Scotland. A couple of years ago, the Chandorkars moved back to Nagpur, but they still keep visiting Scotland.

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