20 most bizarre and whackiest Google searches people make

Here are some of the most whackiest and bizarre searches people make on Google

Nowadays we rely more on Google than books for information. As time goes, Google is becoming more and more wiser and dishing out exact results we want. But there are people on this Earth who have the most whackiest questions for Google. These people are taking Google search to a whole new level altogether. From wanting to know what happens if they drink blood to whether passing wind burns calories, these folks are more hilarious than curious.

A marketing agency, Digitaloft, did some research into these nerdy creatures and came out with some rib-tickling data about Google searches. As strange as it can get, here are a few strangest Google questions people have asked the search engine.

The top whackiest search made on Google is “am I  pregnant?”. Seems like there are people on Earth who trust Google more than doctors or pregnancy tests.

The most popular question on the pictorial chart, created by marketing agency Digitaloft is: 'Am I pregnant?' 

Some existential users are concerned with the big questions, with 8,100 monthly searches on Google for 'why are we here?' and 49,500 for 'when will I dies' shown above

According to the chart, 49,500 people a month ask whether farting burns calories, but unfortunately the myth this bodily function burns 67 calories is false. While a section of people have a really intuitive question, why men have nipples when apparently it doesn’t do anything. Some 22,200 are curious as to why men have nipples, while a more troubled 4,400 people a month Google ‘why does my bellybutton smell?’

Others are in search of answers to life's mysteries, with 8,100 people asking if the tooth fairy is real every month. The infographic provides and cute and child-friendly answer

Worryingly, 3,600 people a month ask whether men have periods (infographic shown above), with another 2,900 querying whether men can become pregnant, displaying a rather poor grasp of biology

Nearly 3600 people are worried whether men have periods and another 2900 queried whether men can become pregnant. A whopping 49,500 people think Google is god and searched “when will I die”on it.

Some 18,100 people ask Google whether penguins have knees every month, 8,100 want to know if pigs sweat and 2,900 are curious whether worms have eyes – they don’t.

An insecure 2,900 people every month ask the search engine ‘does my dog love me?’ every month.

Some 800 people a month ask Google 'Can I marry my cousin?' according to the infographic (pictured), meaning 10,560 people a year might be considering popping the question to a relative

If you have made such a similar bizarre search on Google, kindly mention it in comments and let others know how whacky you are!

Source : Daily Mail.


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