This hacking laptop costs $500 and actually flies to hack the target

Danger Drone is a flying cum hacking laptop that lets you hack from the sky

We at Techworm have written about various hacking methods that are developed by security researchers and cyber criminals alike but this one takes the cake. Danger Drone is a drone cum laptop which flies nearby to the victim’s computer to hack it.

A brainchild of Bishop Fox, Danger Drone is the new flying laptop that is designed specifically to fly near the target allowing the hacker to hack the target. The device was developed by security experts to aid penetration testers or pentesters bypass challenging aspects and ensuring organisations have effective defences against cyberattacks.

Bishop Fox told Motherboard that the custom-developed flying hacker would cost about $500. “Think of it as a flying hacker laptop,” Francis Brown, one of the two creators of the device told Motherboard. The device has been named after the infamous Top Gun song Highway To The Danger Zone, which inspired Brown to develop the flying hacker drone.

“Attacks that before people might not have done because people didn’t want to put themselves personally at risk of getting caught—this kinda removes that,” Brown said. “Now you can be a lot more brazen in your attacks, because you’re not as worried about getting caught and going to jail.”

Brown said that the security researcher can control the flying laptop via LTE and has a range of 1.2 miles.”It’s about 800 grams, so the flight time is very good in comparison to a typical commercial drone that might only get 20 minutes of flight time,” said David Latimer to eWeek. “The Danger Drone flight time is about 45 minutes.”

Brown said that the Danger Drone can be programmed with Rickmote capabilities. With the number of tools available on the Danger Drone,  it can even target Internet of Things connected devices. “Over-the-air attacks are very attractive right now because there are a lot of immature IoT products out there,” he added.

The device’s most notable feature among others, is perhaps its ability to play Kenny Loggins’ Danger Drone song from the Top Gun movie. “That was requirement No. 1!” Brown said. Danger Drone will not be sold commercially,

However, there is bad news for wannabe hackers wanting to own this awesome hacking machine. Bishop Fox wont be selling Danger Drone commercially.  Instead it will be used by Bishop Fox to conduct penetration tests for its own clients.

Bishop Fox will show off its latest flying laptop drone at the upcoming Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas on 3 August.

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