Learn How To Hack A Computer With Famous iPhone Hacker ‘Geohot

Computer hacking lesson from iPhone and PS3 hacker, Geohot [Video]

If you are interested in learning hacking, there is no better hacking guru than George Hotz also known as GeoHot.

For the uninitiated, Geohot, is a hacker known for unlocking the iPhone, allowing the phone to be used with other wireless carriers. This was done in a time when AT&T’s and Apple advertised hack proof qualities of iPhone. He developed the limera1n jailbreak tool and bootrom exploit for iOS, which forms the basis of Jailbreak tools even today. He is also noted for his technical efforts and publicity with reverse engineering the PlayStation 3 video game console, and for subsequently being sued by and settling with Sony.

GeoHot is seen in the video below, demonstrating his hacking skills. In the video GeoHot is seen hacking a laptop. The video was created by Motherboard under its series called “Can I Hack It?” with a collaboration of the highly acclaimed Mr. Robot TV show on Amazon Prime.

Watch the video if you want to learn hacking from a pro :

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  1. “Learn reverse in 5 mins” haha, dude, seriously ^^

    Thx to Geohot for fucking up secrets and trying to explain to decimal people.


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