Top 10 Android Most Common Problems With Their Solutions

10 Most Common Android Problems & Solutions

Are you facing problems with your Android smartphone? Although Android is a great platform for mobile and tablet, you may experience problems with it at one point or another, just like any other operating systems. However, the best thing of having an android is maximum problems has a solution.

In this article, we have picked the most common 10 Android problems along with its simplest and most effective solutions.

1. Battery Drain

Battery drain is one of the most common problems in an Android smartphone. This is the price we have to pay for having the smartest devices in the world.

While there are many reasons behind the battery drain issue, one of the best ways to solve this issue is to enable battery saving mode and reduce your Android smartphone brightness.

To resolve the problem of battery drain, you can use DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge. Also, DU Battery Saver helps you to charge your battery fast by removing the apps running in the background of your Android device.

Open your Settings menu, click on the location and enable battery saving mode. Always use low brightness in an Android smartphone.

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2. Freeze Android smartphone and slow speed

One of the major issues in an Android smartphone is slow speed. The reason behind the slow speed is installation of lots of unused Android apps. Also, we tend to open many Android apps at the same time resulting in slow speed. However, the solution of the problem is very simple.

You need to uninstall unused apps, delete big files from Memory Card. Download Clean Master for Android smartphone. Clean Master can do all the listed things, such as it can make you uninstall an unused app and can help you clear big files from Memory card. Further, it can also clear Phone junk files using this.

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3. Wi-Fi not connecting

Many a times, we face problems connecting to the internet in spite of the Android smartphone being connected to the Wi-Fi.

This may solve the problem. Just go to Wi-Fi > Settings > Menu > Advanced and choose to stay connected to Wi-Fi during sleep.

Alternatively, you can restart your Android smartphone and Wi-Fi router or enable Airplane mode for atleast a minute. Then, again try to connect with your Android smartphone to Wi-Fi.

4. Syncing error with Google

Several users face syncing problem with Google server in an Android smartphone for many reasons. However, the solution is simple.

Firstly, check if you have recently changed your account password. If yes, then you need to update it with the new password. If the problem still persists, then enable Airplane mode for 30 seconds and try again. Alternatively, you can do remove your Google account and add it again.

5. Keyboard not working

By default, keyboard of the Android smartphone gets hung. If you are facing problems such as Keyboard taking too long to respond, or stopped responding, then it is suggested that you download Google Keyboard, as it is one of the most popular Google keyboard apps. You can make it as your default Keyboard app and can improve your typing experience too.

6. Screen turns off when charging

Your smartphone screen automatically turned off when you plug your smartphone with charger. To recover this, you need to go to Settings / Applications / Development and tick the ‘Stay awake’ option to keep the screen on when charging.

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7. Your smartphone can’t connect to your PC (for transferring data)

If you use laptop or Wi-Fi network, you can try Airdroid app for wirelessly transferring data in the Android device. Airdroid is one of the best apps for transfer data in PC to mobile and mobile to PC. Sometimes, the USB or USB port in PC doesn’t support each other, which is why you face these type of problem.

8. Google Play errors

Google Play Store is the main hub for downloading apps in Android devices. For instance, if you are getting error like not downloading an app from the Google Play Store, then your smartphone may have a serious problem. When you are unable to download Android apps, you can’t do anything in android mobile. Just follow some simple methods to sort out these errors.

• You need to remove and add your Google Account. Removing it and adding your account can solve your problems within minutes.
• You can clear the data and Cache of Google Play Store and Services. This will fix the problems.
• If the problem still persists, then you need to head over Google Play Store in “Apps” and select the option of “Uninstall Updates.”

9. Games not working

The main reason for such an error in an Android smartphone could be due to the device not supporting that particular game. Always ensure that the game you want to download is compatible with your Android OS versions. Another reason for the games not running is because of insufficient RAM space in Android smartphone. Use Clean Master for boosting games in Android mobile.

If you are game lover then you can go through our list and download Best Free Car Racing Games for Android Mobile.

10. Insufficient space error

Android provides limited storage for apps and we don’t have the authority to expand it. So, if you are running Android that frequently shows up insufficient space error, then there is no fix. You just need to install the app CCleaner in your Android device that will help you free up some storage.

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