Reader scores shonky NetWare support job where he had to share monitors

This week, reader Earl tells us that just this year he responded to a Craigslist ad for a Novell NetWare Admin to figure out why .nlm files would not be loaded and fix the issue.

Earl says he wrote back and told the person that I was very expensive and I had not worked with NetWare since 2003, but if they do not find anyone else to take the job they should give me a call.

Earl was just 90 minutes away by train and got the gig.

Said server was a Dell PowerEdge 1300 with 64MB of RAM and a 10GB IDE hard drive.

I was told they ‘should’ be able to boot up but no one could remember why they had even bothered to get a ‘new’ server at all.

Earl quickly found the problem, namely an ancient surge protector more than a decade beyond its warranty.

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